• EnviMet, has been established in Egypt to render technical services and support to Environmental Institutions and Meteorological Services in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Arab Countries.
  • EnviMet, is directed, managed and supported by high qualified and long experienced scientists and carried out the rendered services as a non-profitable organization. The small profits which EnviMet is adding to the actual costs in this respect are only to keep its existence and continuation of services.
  • EnviMet, while executing Projects, depends upon the support of Meteorological Services in the region and utilizes the expertise of these Services including retired and in-service experts together with the Services technical support whenever and wherever required.
  • EnviMet, has list of early retired experts, specialists and technicians who can be contracted to carry out specific project tasks according to their fields of specialization.
  • EnviMet, in case of contracting with the in-service experts and or technicians to carry out project tasks outside their Countries, will have the agreement and support of their National Meteorological Services.


  • EnviMet, domain of activities envelopes the needs for monitoring systems required for meteorological activities, and environment protection.
  • EnviMet, is the agent of many well-known manufacturers of meteorological systems on the international level.
  • EnviMet, can bid in any tender in the domain of its activities for any Meteorological Service in Egypt and Arab Countries.
  • EnviMet, can carry out all tasks required the systems import, installation training customer personal, putting into operations, final tests and after sales maintenance and guaranty.
  • EnviMet, can integrate new Sensors into the existing Automatic weather observation systems.
  • EnviMet, with the assistance of the advanced engineering and technology in Egypt can manufacture meteorological instruments in Egypt.