Company Profile

    Management Bureau:

    This Bureau is directed by Dr. A.S.A.Khalil, President and General Executing Manage assisted by Administration and Financial Bureau.

    Administration and Finance Bureau

  • This Bureau is taking care of all EnviMet office services, sales, contracting and financial affairs. The Bureau is composed of:

    Ms. Rabab Mohamad Khalil ( Vice President and sales Manager
    Mr. Abdel Latif Hassan ( Financial Auditor
    Ms Gehad A. Khalil (   Finance office
    Ms. Marwa Ezzat Elsafty (B.soc) Secretary
    Mr. Sayed Said Mostafa Messenger / driver
    Selim Mohamad Ahmed Messenger

  • Advisory Board

  • EnviMet, succeeded to benefit from the support of high qualified experienced meteorologist and UN. Consultants in the different fields of its activities

  • EnviMet, is assisted by Advisory Board. They can assist as a group of consultants or individuals depending on the subject to be covered.

  • EnviMet, Advisory Board honorable members are:

    Dr. Hussian Mohamad Zohdy (Ph.D) Ex-Chairman of the Egyptian Met. Authority
    Dr. Abdel Moneim Abdel Rahman Ibrahim (Ph.D) Ex-Chairman of the Egyptian Met. Authority
    Mr. Talaat Mohamad Azab (B.Sc) Ex-Senior Program Director  (WMO)
    Dr. Saleh Eddin El Gohary (Ph.D) Environment Consultant, Ministry of Industry
    Dr. Hani Afifi Aly Afifi (Ph.D) Ex-Agro Economics Consultant  (FAO)
    Eng. Ashraf Saleh Osman (B.Eng) Software expert

  • System Support Engineering Office

  • EnviMet, employs high qualified and well-trained system support engineers and technicians. This office is composed of:

    Eng. Mohamad Ahmad Lotfy (B.Eng) I.T. engineer
    Eng. Ahmad Shehata Nadiem (B.Eng) I.T. engineer
    Eng. Mohamad Hesham Gommaa (B.Eng) I.T. engineer
    Mr. Mahmoud Mohamad Khalil (B.Eng) Mechanical engineer
    Mr. Belal Ismail Ismail (Tech. Dipl) Electronic technician
    Mr. Hassan Abdel Rahman (Tech. Dipl) Electronic technician
  • The domain of activities of this office is to carry out the tasks required for all projects which are trusted to EnviMet for implementation. The responsibilities of this office include:

  • Implementing the installation of the system Hardware and Software. under the technical supervision of the supplier, if required.
  • Delivering of the system to the client.
  • Integrating new components into existing in-operation weather observing systems.
  • Carrying out the On-Site training and the final acceptance tasks.
  • After sales services maintenance, repairs and guaranty.
  • Keeping the installation and test equipment in good conditions at EnviMet Laboratory.