NEMOS Project (France / Egypt) Strengthening Meteorological Services EMA-Egypt

  • The NEMOS project was executed to upgrade and modernize the National Egyptian Meteorological Observation and Services provided by the Egyptian Meteorological Authority to different end-users in Egypt through fully automatic systems
  • The NEMOS project was carefully designed during long discussions between MFI and EMA experts and specialists to build up the project structure and to layout detailed specification for project different systems
  • The NEMOS project has been implemented by Meteo France International (MFI) acting as a prime and meteorological integrator, with a group of French Companies, subcontractors. MFI has also supplied most of the Information Systems of the project.
  • EnviMet as the partner in Egypt of MFI, had been appointed to carry out local services.:
    1. Local coordinator between EMA and MFI
    2. Assistance to MFI and subcontractors for installation services
    3. Local repair center.
  • EnviMet carried out the responsibility of installation, putting into operation, testing and delivery to EMA the project 15 new AWS stations and the18 upgraded existing stations
  • The NEMOS project execution started on 18/8/2008 and due to the good cooperation, confidence and transparency between EMA, MFI and EnviMet the project activities have been successfully achieved by 7/8/2010.
  • EnviMet implemented the after sale services to all project components during the guaranty period.