Automatic weather station in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • EnviMet, had installed an automatic weather station supplied by CLIMATRONICS Company (USA) in Princes Nora University for Women (PNUW) project in Riyadh (KSA), which composed of:
    1. Wind speed and direction sensors on 10 meters meteorological tower, Earthing system, Air Temperature sensor ,Relative humidity sensor, Visibility sensor, Global radiation sensor, Rain gauge sensor, Pressure sensor, and Dust Concentration sensor (BAM 1020) with all components related to PM10 and PM 2.5 .
    2. The civil works required for the system components including concrete bases has been completed and the power and data cables have been installed through 1" metal conduits to all system components sites as planed and as required.
    3. The  30 ft meteorological tower has been constructed and installed as per instructions
    4. The power and data cables have been installed from a junction Box attached to the meteo tower and from Rain gauge to Data logger installed in BAM 1020 shelter.
  • The system services include :

  • System installation, putting into operation.
  • Site Acceptance Tests.
  • Local training.
  • System Guaranty for two years
The project was timely executed, tested and guaranteed for two years and still in operation up till now.