GPS Radiosonde Observing System:
EMA Egypt

  • EnviMet,had been assigned from Egyptian Metrological Authority to install GPS Radiosonde observing system in all the six stations all over Egypt.
  • EnviMet, had installed the system, supplied by Meteo Modem Company (France) which is well known international High Quality Radiosonde Observing System manufacturer.
  • The system includes 2400 Differential GPS Radiosondes Model  M2K2 – DC plus 6 upper air observing stations Model SR2K2  in working conditions.
  • The civil works required for the system components including concrete bases, power and data cables has been completed installed to all system components sites as planed and required.

The system services include :

  1. Factory training for four trainees.
  2. System installation, putting into operation.
  3. Site Acceptance Tests.
  4. Local training.
  5. System Guaranty for two years
The project was timely executed, tested and guaranteed for two years.