Automatic Weather Station
In Port Said University (Egypt)

EnviMet, had installed an automatic weather station supplied by LASTEM Company (ITALY) in Port Said University, which composed of:

  • Wind speed and direction sensors.
  • Thermo hygrometer sensor.
  • Pressure sensor.
  • Rain gauge sensor.
  • Global radiation sensor.
  • Direct radiation & sun shine duration sensor.
  • UVA sensor.
  • ┬áThe 3m metrological tower has been constructed and installed as per instructions.
  • The civil works required for the system components including concrete basis has been completed. Data cables between computer and datalogger has been set in place.

The system services include:

  • System installation, putting into operation.
  • Site Acceptance Tests.
  • Local training.
  • System Guaranty for one year.
The project was timely executed, tested and guaranteed for one year and still in operation up till now.