• One of the main objectives of EnviMet is to be involved in meteorological and environmental systems training for all projects.
  • This includes lectures in institutes, extended factory training and on the job training while executing each project.
  • Factory training missions are programmed, organized and executed by EnviMet in collaboration with the project main suppliers.
  • EnviMet has to take care of all mission expenses including Factory Training fees, return air tickets, hotel accommodations, meals, local transport and pocket money.
  • On-site training is usually on-job training for local personnel while implementing projects. The program always includes system installation, operation, testing, repairs, maintenance and calibration.
  • EnviMet almost executed factory training and on-site training for all project implemented by it starting from 2003 until now.
  • As example, EnviMet carried out factory training in collaboration with the following factories:

    1. Tecnavia (Switzerland)

      1. HRPT Orbital weather satellites (2007)
      2. MSG Meteosat Second Generation Geostationary satellites (2009)
    2. Degreane – Horizon (France)

      1. CIA/AWOS: Cairo International Airport (2004), (2005), (2007), (2012)
    3. Meteo Modem (France)

      1. Egyptian Upper Air Network (2009)