High Resolution Picture Transmission Orbital Satellites Ground Station

EnviMet had been offered, after hard competition the contract No. 9/ (2007-2008) with the Egyptian Meteorological Authority to establish High Resolution Picture Transmission (HRPT) Orbital Satellites Ground Station.

The project covered the following tasks:

  • Supply of complete HRPT Satellites Ground Station Hardware and Software manufactured by TECNAVIA (Switzerland) to receive satellites pictures and data from the available orbital satellites: NOAA Series (USA), FENGYUN (China) and the METOP(Europe). Complete with:
    1. Tracking parabolic 1.8m antenna with the pedestal, radome and GPS time and direction reference, control unit, LNA and cables
    2. GPS equipment
    3. Radio server
    4. Two file servers and processing workstation in Hot-standby-configuration
    5. Display workstation
    6. Meteo Binder Data Archiving system
    7. Dispatch file server
    8. Five Remote displays
    9. Set of spare parts for two years normal operation
  • Civil works:

    The project request all civil works required for the installation of the station on the roof of the Regional Training Center building. These civil works include:

    1. Special designed metallic tower for the installation of the tracking antenna
    2. Power and data cables from the antenna down to the station ground equipment in the remote serving equipment hall.
    3. Data cabling between the dispatch file server to the remote 5 display workstations.
    4. 3 x 5HP air conditioners to be installed in the remote serving equipment hall.
  • The system services include:

    1. Factory Acceptance Tests for two inspectors
    2. Factory training for six trainees.
    3. System installation, putting into operation.
    4. Site Acceptance Tests.
    5. Local training.
    6. System Guaranty for two years
The project was timely executed, tested and guaranteed for two years and still in operation up till now.